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Jul 2020


Total Derivatives

Capitalab Executes First Swaption Discount Switch Run

Capitalab executed a first multilateral cycle, switching several billion euro notional of Swaptions’ discount rate to €STR, and is planning weekly switch cycles, in advance of the CCP €STR switch on 27 July 2020.

Jun 2020



Capitalab Connects to LCH SwapAgent to Enhance Margin Optimisation Services

Capitalab announced the execution and subsequent compression of Capitalab’s first swaption margin optimisation trades leveraging LCH SwapAgent, a service for the non-cleared derivatives market. As part of Capitalab’s leading Rates Initial Margin Optimisation service, swaption notional was created between Nomura and Deutsche Bank and processed by LCH SwapAgent.


Jun 2019



Capitalab has claimed top spot in IR SIMM IM optimization

Whille writing my recent blogs on FX SIMM IM optimization (here and here), I wondered about progress on the Rates equivalent.   I knew swaptions to be key and that Capitalab had focused on them from the get-go and also that Capitalab pipes executions through its affiliated BGC SEF.